Allison Silberberg

Transparency, Trust, Ethics

Dear Friends,

Last night, I congratulated Mayor Wilson for his victory. I wish him all the best. I congratulate all those who won in the primary for the City Council. And for those who did not prevail last night, I commend them for stepping up and running.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who voted for me and all who helped our campaign in countless ways, including: our volunteers, hosts of Meet & Greets, those who made calls and wrote letters to the editor, and our donors. It was a huge team effort, and I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you for all of your friendship, generosity, belief, and dedication.

Ever grateful,


Allison Silberberg

My Priorities


integrity and transparency, and adopt meaningful ethics reform.


for Smart Growth and prevent out-of-scale overbuilding.


more affordable and workforce housing.


infrastructure needs and stop the flooding.


for academic excellence, equity in our schools, and greater school capacity.


our environment and natural resources, and protect our tree canopy.


to our residents and respect civic engagement.

"We must do better for our future. My vision includes the long-treasured promise that Alexandria is a growing, vibrant city that must retain its sense of community and livability. Our city must thrive and do so with respect for our diverse people and neighborhoods, respect for our environment, respect for our numerous historic districts – and perhaps most importantly – respect for the critical role that trust plays in government. We must restore the public trust, and that starts at the top. Alexandria needs a leader who has a demonstrated track record of transparency, truth, and ethics."

- Allison Silberberg

My Accomplishments as Mayor

Allison in Woods
Allison, a strong advocate for saving
our natural resources and tree canopy.

To Reach Me

Allison with Yard Signs